Accidental soups made by Daisy.

Daisy's Story

It all started one evening when Daisy made a batch of soup without her eyeglasses. She sat down and excitedly ate a mouthful of what she thought was a simple carrot soup, but it somehow tasted like orange juice. Most people would have been disgusted, but this whoopsie sparked something inside of Daisy. From there Soups-A-Daisy was born. Every steaming bowl of Daisy’s soups merges ingredients that definitely don’t belong together, but somehow work. 

Enjoy Daisy’s Accidents!


Vodka Cleanse

Kale, ginger, and 3 shots of vodka. 


All natural vegetable soup mixed with processed American cheese.

Light & Lardy

Low fat milk cheese base, mixed with lard. 

Carnivorous Vegan

Creamy chickpea soup topped with bacon.

Bland Bushfire

Cauliflower soup seasoned only with cayenne pepper.